Grand Reopening 30-Day Flash Pass plus $5 Arcade Bonus

1 Session 30-Day Flash Pass for $19 plus $5 Arcade Bonus, must redeem by August 31, 2020

Upon purchase you will be shown a redemption code to claim your purchase. You will also receive an email with the redemption code. Present the redemption code at the front counter to recieve redeem your purchase. Your purchase must be claimed within 90 days.

If you are purchasing multiple items, you will receive separate emails, each with a unique redemption code, for each item you purchase.

When you redeem your purchase, you will receive a membership card allowing the owner to play 1 session of laser tag every day for 30 days starting on the day of redemption. The membership card may be used only by the person whose name and photo will be assigned to the card at the time of redemption.

The 30-Day period will begin on the day you redeem the purchase.

If the owner already has an active Flash Pass, the new 30-Day 1 attraction Flash Pass will automatically begin the day after your current membership expires.

You will also receive $5 in arcade bonus play. The arcade bonus play expires 1 year after purchase.

Quantity to Purchase:

Total Due: $19.00